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How to Use the Electronic Edition of the Newspaper

A Day in the Life of a Newspaper Series

What's in the Newspaper?
Who Makes the Newspaper & How
How Do You Write a Newspaper Article

Print Teacher Guides for Use With This Video Series:

Creating a Classroom Newspaper
Provides teachers and students all the guidance they need to create their own classroom newspaper, while developing writing and reading skills.

Let’s Write a Newspaper Story
With this easy-to-follow unit course, you will help students write authentic newspaper stories (
upper elem. & MS).

Press Ahead!
Press Ahead! is a teaching tool and planning guide for creating a classroom newspaper. It provides background on the different sections and elements of a newspaper.

The Newspaper: A Daily Miracle
This is a hands-on student supplement on journalism and the newspaper business. It covers every aspect and department at the newspaper with a chronology of a newspaper’s day.

What Some Kid's Learn in Kindergarten (& Primary Grades)

Part 1

Introduction (mp3 audio, 10 minutes)
Primary Lesson Activities (mp3 audio, 17 minutes)

Part 2

Print Teacher Guides for Use With Primary Video/Audio Series:

Using the Newspaper to Teach Grade K-5 Standards in Major Subject Areas
This guide provides lesson plans correlated to most curriculum standards for grades K-5 in English, History/Social Science, Math and Science.

Elementary Activities - Getting Into the Newspaper / Part 1 - Pages 1-54
Part 2 - Pages 55-110 This guide offers over 200 newspaper lesson activities that address most content standards across the curriculum.

Primary Lesson Activities Worksheets (PDF from original presentation)

Other Video Resources

Classroom Clippers
Newspaper Bingo
Newspaper Research & Reasons to Use the Newspaper
Practical and Hands-On Reasons to Use the Newspaper


Beyond Comprehension: The Newspaper and Critical Literacy
Dr. Sherrye Dee Garrett, Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi
Introduction & Overview (mp3, 23 minutes) / Lesson Activities (mp3, 30 minutes)

Critical literacy involves the analysis and critique of the relationships among texts, language, power, social groups and social practices. It shows us ways of looking at written, visual, spoken, multimedia and performance texts to question and challenge the attitudes, values and beliefs that lie beneath the surface. (courtesy NAA NIE Conference)

Multigenre Audio Training: Short audio files by Tom Romano on Multigenre Writing. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Transcript

Multigenre Research Projects Using Newspaper Genres
Written by Dr. Darla Shaw based on Tom Romano's book, Blending Genre, Altering Style.
The goal of this guide is to teach students how to write and produce the many genres used in the newspaper. Then individual students or student groups will produce an entire newspaper as a Multigenre Research Project on a curriculum topic being studied in class.

Newspapers – The Ultimate Informational Text!
Dr. Sherrye Dee Garrett, Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi
Introduction & Overview (mp3, 34 minutes) / Lesson Activities (mp3, 19 minutes)

The newest buzzword in education is “informational text”—which includes nonfiction and expository texts. State mandated tests are heavily weighted toward nonfiction. This audio program shows how to use the newspaper as information text to help improve students' performance on state tests. (courtesy NAA NIE Conference)

Newspapers - The Ultimate Informational Text (print guide for use with audio)
Provided by the NAA Foundation. National and state standards place a high priority on students being able to read, write and think about informational text. Many state assessments include high percentages of informational text. Standards require students to ask questions, locate information to answers and evaluate sources of information. This guide will help teachers use the newspaper to teach students these standards.